Delivery Time: 1-5 Minute

Chimera Samsung Upgrade to Chimera Pro: 617 Credits

New Users Please create an account at activate from your email address

login to your chimeraTool account after check please submit order here with loffed in username

Note: Please make sure you are applying with correct Username.

Chimera Tool Alphabit lower and upper case is sensetive.

For Example if you are login with username: Gsmplayer apply Same as you Logged in 

Gsmplayer = 




Gsm player = 

Gsm Player = 

Gsmplayer = 

GsmPlayer = 

after order done successfully please login to Click on Licenses

then Clink on activate at Module you want to activate 

following are the details how much Chimera credits you need to

activate or renew for any module Please follow them.

License ::Samsung 12 months: 699 Chimera Credits

License ::All modules 12 months:1199 Chimera Credits

License ::Samsung 12 months Upgrade License:699 Chimera Credits

License ::Samsung 12 months Extend License:699 Chimera Credits

License ::All modules 12 months Upgrade License:1199 Chimera Credits

License ::All modules 12 months Extend License:1199 Chimera Credits