Delivery Time: 1-24 Hours

HUA Dongle Reactivationis intended for the old users:
  • who registered Hua Box, Hua Dongle or Hua Tool Activation for Infinity-Box/Dongle/BEST Donglebefore January 1, 2018
  • who registered Asansam Box/Dongle Conversion to Hua Toolsbefore January 1, 2017
and want to be able to download the future HUA software versions.
Important!Date of registration is NOT a purchase date!
WITHOUT this reactivation you will be able only to use the old software versions releasedbefore January 1, 2018(for Hua Box / Dongle, Hua Tool Activation for Infinity-Box/Dongle / BEST Dongle owners) and releasedbefore January 1, 2017(for the owners of Asansam Box/Dongle Conversion to Hua Tools)
Q1: What if I don`t buy this reactivation?
A1: You will not be able to use all our future updates, only the updates released previously.
Q2: Is this reactivation permanent?
A2: This reactivation is not required annually. But once in a few years, depending on provided possibilities and features, reactivation will be required.
Q3: Which users need this reactivation?
A3: This reactivation is intended for old users only.